Enterprise Performance Management

improve your organization's decision making by linking key data across the budgeting & planning process

Link Market and Operational Drivers to Financial ResultsĀ 

Our EPM Budgeting and Planning Solution allows you to:

  • Streamline your budgeting process with robust workflow, process automation, alerts, and collaboration features;
  • Integrate data from any source for trusted reporting and analytics;
  • Evaluate the impact of changing assumptions on future period forecasts;
  • Deliver meaningful analysis that impacts strategic decision making; and
  • Manage risk and compliance with robust security, process management, and auditing features.
We have expertise in many vendor EPM products including Kaufman Hall’s Axiom, Infor d/EPM, and Board

Easy Integration

Our Budgeting and Planning solution easily integrates data from any source into a single repository for planning, analysis and reporting. Using robust data integration tools, Knowledge Solutions automates integration of data from GL systems, production systems, sales systems, and even offline spreadsheets directly into the EPM database.

Validation and alerting tools ensure data issues can be addressed and resolved quickly and in an automated fashion.